COVID: 93.2% Italians always wore masks in 2nd wave

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 24 – Over 93% of Italians always wore face
masks in the second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic from December
to January, ISTAT said Wednesday.
    Between December 12 2020 and January 15 2021, the statistics
agency said, some 93.2% of Italians said they always wore masks
in open spaces, while 5.9% said they often wore them.
    In the presence of persons outside those living with them, 84.0%
said they had always worn masks in confined spaces too.
    The ISTAT report, Citizens During The Second Epidemic Wave,
December 12 2020 – January 15 2021, was published Wednesday.
    It also found that 58.3% of Italians had left their homes on an
average day during the second wave, while 41.7% stayed at home.
    Some 63% of those who went out did so only once, 27.7% twice and
the remainder more than twice.
    Some 87.2% of the population said they get out less than in the
pre-pandemic period.
    Men went out more than women, the report found.
    Some 91.3% said they got most of their news on the pandemic from
the TV.
    Some 80.2% said they thought COVID restrictions had been useful,
while seven out of 10 Italians said they were willing to get
vaccinated against the virus. (ANSA).


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