87% of firms optimistic on post-COVID recovery – CENSIS

(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 24 – Some 87% of Italian firms are
optimistic on a post-COVID economic recovery, think tank CENSIS
said Wednesday.
    The data emerged from the fourth CENSIS-Eudaimon report, carried
out with Credem, Edison and Michelin.
    The survey found that while most workers are more pessimistic,
businesses are looking forward to resuming fierce competition in
a post-COVID economy.
    Some 62.2% of the managers interviewed by CENSIS cited “enthusiasm to do things” as a motivating factor behind their
    Some 33.7% cited hope, and 30.1% said internal cohesion.
    Some 76% of those quizzed said the recovery would be marked by a
race to recover business and market quotas.
    Some 36.2% cited as a top priority the challenge of digital
    Some 68.7% of firms involved in the survey saw their turnover
fall dramatically after last spring’s COVID lockdown.
    But despite unprecedented difficulties, some 62.2% of
respondents said their companies were getting through the
pandemic. (ANSA).


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