2 arrested in 28-yr-old ‘Ndrangheta cold case murder

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(ANSA) – VIBO VALENTIA, MAR 24 – Italian police on Wednesday
arrested two members of the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta mafia for
murdering a Calabrian businessman in a cold case stretching back
28 years, to 1993.
    Vibo Valentia businessman Filippo Piccione was allegedly
murdered on February 21 1993 on the orders of the Lo Bianco clan
after they decided he had had something to do with the murder of
a clan member and relative, Leoluca Lo Bianco, on Piccione’s
    Police have now arrested Salvatore and Rosario Lo Bianco on
charges of premeditated murder and acting to favour the illicit
activities of the Lo Bianco-Barba ‘ndrina (chapter).
    Leoluca Lo Bianco had been murdered in the fields outside Vibo
on February 1, 1993.
    As well as the two Lo Biancos, police served warrants of
investigation on another eight people: Michele Lo Bianco, 73 ,
from Vibo, aka “U ciucciu” (The Donkey); Domenico Lo Bianco
(79), from Vibo; Leoluca Lo Bianco (62), from Vibo, aka “U
Rozzu” The Rude Guy); Filippo Catania (70), from Vibo; Antonino
Franzé (66), from Vibo; Vincenzo Barba (69), fdrom Vibo; Alfredo
Calafati (59), from Cessaniti; and Paolino Lo Bianco (58), from
Vibo. (ANSA).


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