Women, young people central to Recovery Plan – Draghi

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 23 – Premier Mario Draghi said Tuesday that Italy must “become good at spending European” funds, starting with the close to 200 billion euros in grants and low-interest loans it is set to get from the Next Generation EU programme.
    “Doing that well is the aim of this government,” Draghi said at an event on the development of southern Italy, ‘SUD – Progetti per Ripartire’ (The SOUTH – projects for a new start) promoted by Minister for the South Mara Carfagna.
    “We want to stop the widening of the gap (between the North and South of Italy) and direct these funds to women and young people in particular”.
    “Our and your success in this task could be a step towards regaining faith in legality and in the institutions, whether it is the school, or health or justice institutions”. (ANSA).


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