Street traders chain selves up saying ‘starving’

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(ANSA) – TURIN, MAR 23 – Street traders in Europe’s largest
open-air market, Porta Palazzo in Turin, on Tuesday chained
themselves to the sites of their stands saying they were
starving amid a COVID-linked shutdown of their activities.
    “They must let us work, because we are dying of hunger,” said
Giancarlo Nardozzi, national president of the GIOA trade union,
an association representing independent firms and traders.
    Nardozzi on Monday led a demonstration outside Turin’s police
    “We want to get back to work, the government must do something,
we can’t go on like this”, he said.
    Turin, like most of Italy, is in a COVID red zone meaning that
non-essential shops are closed and street trading is banned.


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