Man arrested for murdering Ukrainian woman near Pisa

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(ANSA) – PISA, MAR 23 – A 50-year-old Florentine man was
arrested Tuesday on suspicion of murdering a 29-year-old
Ukrainian woman near Pisa in November.
    The man, Francesco Lupino, is accused of killing Krystyna Novak
and disposing of her body, which has never been found.
    Lupino was a neighbour of Novak’s and a partner in the criminal
affairs of her boyfriend, Spaniard Airam Negrim Gonzalez ,
police said.
    Negrim is a local leather sector businessman and alleged drug
    Lupino allegedly “held a deep grudge” against Novak and her
boyfriend after she convinced him to get out of the drug
business, police said.
    A few days before the alleged murder the two men had a big row
over Gonzalez’s intention to quit the drug trade and over his
belief that Lupino was secretly skimming the profits of the
business for himself, police said.
    After the row, Lupino threatened Gonzalez with a gun, police
    Lupino also deeply objected to Gonzalez’s request that he leave
the flat he was renting him, police said.
    Gonzalez, who has been arrested on drug offences, took police to
the villa he shared with Novak and showed them traces of blood
in the building. (ANSA).


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