Man abducted and beaten whole night for credit card PIN

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(ANSA) – MILAN, MAR 23 – A 31-year-old man from PIoltello
near Milan was abducted, stripped, threatened, and beaten for a
whole night to get him to give up his credit card PIN near Milan
on September 30-October 1, police said after arresting his
tormentors Tuesday.
    The four – two Italians aged 25 and 35 and two Moroccans aged 23
and 24 – all with criminal records, have been charged with
kidnapping, robbery, aggravated threats, private violence,
grievous bodily harm and illegal use of credit cards, police
    The man met the two Moroccans at Cernusco sul Naviglio and was
forced to follow them to an abandoned factory at Cassina de’
Pecchi where the two Italians joined them and subjected him to
the all-night ordeal, police said.
    “First they took my wallet and then they stripped me naked to
make sure I couldn’t escape,” the victim told police.
    While beating him, the four also threatned to throw him out of
the fourth floor window of the premises if he didn’t tell them
his PIN number.
    After getting it they went to various ATMs and gambling arcades
where they took out the maximum daily allowance of 1,800 euros.
    They released the young man at about five o’clock in the morning
and he returned home in a state of shock.
    He thought he would not hear from them again but the day
afterwards they turned up and threatened him with further
violence if he reported them.
    However, he drummed up his courage and did so a few days later.


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