Foggia official quits after car torched

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(ANSA) – FOGGIA, MAR 23 – The deputy chair of the city
council in the Puglia city of Foggia quit Tuesday after finding
his car torched on Sunday night-Monday morning.
    The man, Giulio Scapato, decided to resign after what he called
a clear act of intimidation, probably from the local mafia, the
Sacra Corona Unita (United Holy Crown, SCU).
    “I’m not at all serene,” Scapato told ANSA.
    Scpaato said he was also considering whether to quit as city
    Scapato, 53, elected in the “City of Rights” independent
leftwing list, is in the opposition on the centre-right led city
    Scapato recently filled in as chair of the city council after
the president, Leonardo Iaccarino, was voted out after a video
in which he let off blank pistol rounds form his balcony on New
Year’s Eve.
    The SCU is Italy’s fourth-biggest mafia, after ‘Ndrangheta from
Calabria, Cosa Nostra from Sicily, and the Camorra from Naples.
    Police said they were not ruling out that the suspected arson
attack was not the work of the local mafia.
    No traces of flammable liquid were found on the vehicle, which
has been impounded. (ANSA).


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