Capri Faraglioni damaged by mussel hunters

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(ANSA) – NAPLES, MAR 23 – Capri’s most iconic sight, the
three dramatic Faraglioni rock formations which jut out from the
Mediterranean just off the island’s coast. have been damaged by
mussel hunters, local police said Tuesday.
    Police arrested 19 date-mussel hunters on suspicion of damaging
the towering trio of rocks as well as less famous rocks in the
port of Naples.
    They have been charged with “environmental devastation”.
    The extraction of date-mussel shells requires dismantling of the
rocks where they live and can lead to desertification of the
    Several governments have restricted the collection of these
shells or even made it wholly illegal, in order to protect the
rocks on which they are found. These countries include Croatia,
Italy, Slovenia, France, Greece, Montenegro, and others, all
signatories to the Bern and CITES conventions on protecting
    Historically these shells are considered a delicacy, cooked and
served in a broth of white wine, garlic and parsley.
    In the case of the Faraglioni, investigations have established
the desertification of the ecosystem comprising 48% of the
underwater rock walls.
    The police action is unprecedented in Italy.
    Police said they had uncovered two illicit operations, one based
in Naples and the other in Stabia and Capri, which have
controlled the illegal and devastating trade for the last 30
years. (ANSA).


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