Soccer: Crotone’s Simy reveals ‘cancer-death’ insult

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 22 – Crotone’s Simeon Nwankwo, aka Simy,
has revealed one of the shocking online insults he was subjected
to after Serie A’s bottom side lost 3-2 to Bologna on Saturday
at home.
    The Nigerian forward, the southern Italian team’s all-time
top-scorer with 59 goals in all competitions, posted that one
hater had sent him a message saying “I will enjoy it if your son
dies of pancreas cancer”.
    Simy said he revealed the insult because “it is up to us to
educate young people”.
    “It is not the first time it has happened,” he added.
    “But when they involve your children and your family, it is
truly an ugly thing.” (ANSA).


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