Six arrests in overdose death of woman, 24

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(ANSA) – BRESCIA, MAR 22 – Italian police on Monday arrested
six people in the death from a drug overdose of a 24-year-old
Italian woman in the northern city of Brescia last August.
    The six have been charged with manslaughter for providing drugs
to Francesca Manfredi, a Brescian woman found dead in her home
on August 23.
    Manfredi died in her bath, which had been filled with ice by two
friends of the same age, police said.
    Police said the man in most trouble was 33-year-old Michael
Paloschi, who allegedly injected the heroin into Manfredi’s
    He is accused of involuntary homicide because he injected the
drug to give her a bigger high rather than having her smoke it,
police said.
    Traces of cocaine, ketamine, benziodiazepines and cannabinboids
were also found in her body, along with the heroin. (ANSA).


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