Senator scolds health officials in vaccine row

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(ANSA) – CATANZARO, MAR 22 – A row was erupted in Italy after
a Senator went to a provincial health agency in Calabria and
upbraided officials after he failed to book vaccinations over
the phone for his over-80 in-laws.
    Nicola Morra, 57, until recently a leading member of the
populist 5-Star Movement (M5S), was said to have “swept into”
the Cosenza health offices Saturday and argued with an official
who had a bad turn and took several days off sick as a result.
    Morra, who was ejected from the M5S over his failure to vote for
Mari Draghi’s new government, allegedly scolded the official
over faults in Calabria’s vaccine rollout.
    Morra was also accused of using his police escort officers to
identify doctors and nurses working for the provincial health
    Nationalist League leader Matteo Salvini was among those calling
on Morra to resign from parliament and his post as chair of the
parliamentary anti-mafia commission, saying “Morra should
resign, from everything. Solidarity to the doctors he attacked”.
    Morra was sticking to his guns Monday saying “perhaps the
national health service should have another look at its vaccine
    One of the other officials Morra took issue with said “he was
very rude; he accused us of being incompetent”.
    The opposition nationalist Brothers of Italy (FdI) party said
Morra’s actions had been “an example of bad behaviour” that
should his immediate resignation. (ANSA).


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