Record rise in house prices in 2020 – ISTAT

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 22 – There was a record rise in house
prices in Italy in 2020, ISTAT said Monday.
    The average yearly rise was 1.9%, the highest since records
began, said the statistics agency.
    Prices rose 1.6% in the last quarter of last year with the south
of Italy leading the way with a 3% gain, ISTAT said.
    Prices were up 1.7% in the northwest, 1.8% in the northeast and
0.2% in the centre.
    In Milan, house prices rose by over12% last year, and surpassed
2020 levels.
    Sales of residential properties fell 7.7% with respect to 2019,
ISTAT said.
    Prices if new homes were 2.1% up in 2020, ISTAT said.
    Those of existing homes, which account for over 80% of the
total, rose by 1.9%.
    With respect to the average prices of 2010, prices were however
15% down.
    The fall was 21.6% for existing homes and 3.6% for new ones.
    The acquired variation rate for 2021 is -0.3% (-0.6% for
existing homes and +0.8% for new homes). (ANSA).


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