Man caught after killing brother by running him over

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(ANSA) – COSENZA, MAR 22 – A 43-year-old man was caught by
police Monday after allegedly killing his 45-year-old brother by
running him over several times with his car near Cosenza in
    The incident happened at the small town of Mongrassano.
    Carabinieri from the nearby town of San Marco Argentano are
    According to an initial reconstruction of events, the man hit
his brother with his BMW and then drove over his prone body
several times to make sure he was dead, police said.
    He then sped away in the black car that had foreign number
plates, police said.
    The victim was said to have died instantly.
    Passersby phoned police.
    An autopsy has been ordered.
    The alleged murderer was identified and taken into custody in
    Police said the two brothers had been squabbling for some time
over money and other issues.
    This continual bickering had also involved the arrested
brother’s daughter, police said.
    The man did not say why he had killed his brother.
    The man is currently in custody in a Carabinieri barracks.


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