Wintry weather to hit Italy this weekend

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 19 – Wintry weather will hit Italy this
weekend, forecasters ‘’ said Friday.
    Icy rain, biting winds and snow over low ground will affect the
centre and north while there will be nighttime frost in the
north, where overall conditions will be slightly better, they
    “Starting from tomorrow, the spring equinox, winter will present
probably in its most insidious phase of all the season,” ‘’ said.
    It said an Arctic cyclone would bring snow to “altitudes near to
the plain, especially in the south”.
    Thunderstorms and snow will sweep across the south and the
central Adriatic Saturday, the forecasters said.
    It will be less unstable in the north but there may be some rain
and snow near high ground.
    Sunday will be “decidedly wintry”, the forecasters said.
    Northerly winds will whip across the country with gales topping
70 kph.
    A cyclone will bring widespread and heavy rain to the south,
also affecting Marche, Abruzzo and Molise.
    Snow will fall at around 4-5,000 metres in Campania and
    Ice-cold winds will mean perceived temperatures will be 8-10
degrees below real ones, ‘’ said.
    The north will enjoy sunshine Sunday but all northern cities
will wake up with temperatures below zero. (ANSA).


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