4 probed for hailing Shoah, instigating race hate online

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(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, MAR 19 – Italian police on Friday placed
four people under investigation for hailing the Holocaust and
spreading ideas based on ethnic and racial hatred in Internet
    Police searched the homes of the four, aged between 19 and 53
and resident in Bologna and Modena.
    The four men face possible charges of spreading propaganda and
instigation to commit crimes for reasons of racial, ethnic and
religious discrimination.
    Three of the men are from the Bologna area and one from the
Modena area: a 19-year-old and 53-year-old from Casalecchio di
Reno, 1 34-year-old from Crevalcuore and a 30-year-old from
Modena, all with clean records and members of an association of
historical re-enactment of Nazi Germany.
    During the searches of their homes police seized flags with
swastikas, Wehrmacht uniforms, and several weapons, some of them
imitation and other working guns, but some vintage and perhaps
not functioning any more.
    Police also seized computer material associated with the white
supremacist group the men belonged to.
    The men used pseudonyms including the names of Rommel and other
Nazi high-ups.
    During their chats the men used vulgar insults in commenting
images of the Shoah and other genocides, police said. (ANSA).


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