New COVID-19 aid package amounts to 32 bn

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 18 – Economy Minister Daniele Franco said
Thursday that the government’s new package of aid for households
and businesses affected by the COVID-19 restrictions will be
worth 32 billion euros, with a margin of 500 million euros for
the effects of amendments made by parliament.
    Premier Mario Draghi’s cabinet is set to examine the aid decree
on Friday and the payment platform should be ready on March 30.
    Payments are set to begin being made between April 8 and 10 and
the aim is for all valid applications to be paid by the end of
April. .
    Companies will get aid of up to 10 million euros, depending on
their usual revenue, and they will be split into five groups..
    Small firms will get 60% of their turnover and the percentage
will go down as the businesses get bigger, with the biggest
firms getting 20%. (ANSA).


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