AstraZeneca safe, effective, no causal link with clots-EMA

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 18 – European Medicines Agency Executive
Director Emer Cooke said Thursday that the Oxford-AstraZeneca
vaccine is “safe, effective, the benefits are higher than the
risks and we can rule out any link between blood clots” and the
administration of the jab.
    EMA’s clinical safety committee says the jab “cannot be linked
to an increase in the events of thrombosis”, said Cooke.
    She added “we will launch further investigations to better
understand” the rare adverse events flagged up after the
AstraZeneca vaccine was administered.
    Cooke said, however, that a link with the rare cases of blood
clots cannot be ruled out and so this possibility must be
    Cooke said EMA had kept its promise to inform EU members on the
issues so they can take the necessary steps after several
countries including Italy suspended the jab pending Thursday’s
    The incidence of blood clots after getting the vaccine is lower
than in the non.vaccinated population, said Sabine Strauss,
chair of EMA’s Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee
    She said “the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine continue to be
much higher than the risks. The EMA safety committee has not
found evidence of any problems in quality or in the batches”.
    AstraZeneca vaccine leaflets will be updated to include
information on possible side effects so that the public and health operators can mitigate them, said Strauss. (ANSA).


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