Mattarella pays tribute to Moro on anniversary of kidnapping

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 16 – President Sergio Mattarella on
Tuesday led a ceremony to mark the 43th anniversary of the
kidnapping of former premier Aldo Moro and the murder of five
members of his security detail by Red Brigades (BR) terrorists.
    Moro, a senior member of the once-dominant Christian Democrat
party, was subsequently slain by the leftwing terrorist group
after 55 days in captivity.
    Mattarella laid a wreath in Rome’s Via Fani, where the attack in
which the bodyguards were killed and Moro was captured took
    The bodyguards were Raffaele Iozzino, Oreste Leonardi, Domenico
Ricci, Giulio Rivera and Francesco Zizzi. (ANSA).


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