Elton John says ‘anti-gay’ Vatican funded Rocketman

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(ANSA) – VATICAN CITY, MAR 16 – Elton John has slammed the
Vatican for alleged hypocrisy in refusing its blessing on gay
unions such as his own after allegedly funding his biopic
    John, 74, has been happily married since 2015 with director and
producer David Furnish, as cited in the end credits of the film
saying he had found stability after many wild years.
    The pop superstar said the Vatican teamed up with Agnelli heir
Lapo Elkann in 2019 in a Maltese-based fund that invested four
million euros in films including Rocketman.
    On Monday the Vatican’s doctrinal body said the Catholic Church
could not bless gay unions, saying such blessings were reserved
for marriages between men and women.
    It said homosexual unions continued to be sinful in the Church’s
    Writing on Twitter Tuesday, John said: “How can the Vatican
refuse to bless gay marriages because they “are sin”, yet
happily make a profit from investing millions in “Rocketman” – a
film which celebrates my finding happiness from my marriage to
David?? #hypocrisy” (ANSA).


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