COVID: People ready at last minute to get leftover jabs

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 16 – Italy’s COVID-19 Emergency
Commissioner, General Paolo Figliuolo, has signed a order for
health authorities to give any vaccine doses left over at
inoculation centres at the end of each day to people who have
said they are willing to come in at a moment’s notice.
    The aim is to avoid jabs going to waste because of people
failing to turn up for their appointments.
    The system won’t be a free-for-all for queue jumping though.
    The order says that people should called up for these
last-minute shots in accordance with the priorities set out in
the national vaccination plan.
    The vaccination plan sets five levels of priority in addition to
the groups of people that have already been targetted by the
vaccination campaign – health workers, the over-80s, teachers,
police and other front-line workers .
    Top priority goes to people considered extremely vulnerable,
such as the seriously disabled.
    Then there are people aged 70 to 79; people aged 60 to 69;
people under 60 with two or more medical conditions, but who are
not considered extremely vulnerable; and other people under 60.


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