Zingaretti hails court move to eject Bannon group from abbey

(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 15 – Lazio Governor Nicola Zingaretti on
Monday hailed an Italian court’s move to eject former Trump aide
Steve Bannon’s would-be nationalists’ think tank from an abbey
south of Rome.
    The Council of State, Italy’s highest administrative court,
upheld a regional motion to evict Bannon’s Dignitatis Humanae
Institute from the medieval Trisulti Abbey near Frosinone.
    “Out with Steve Bannon and the nationalists from the
charterhouse,” said Zingaretti, former leader of the centre-left
Democratic Party.
    He said “we will work with (Culture) Minister (Dario)
Franceschini to restore to citizens this marvelous place, which
we want to turn into one of the symbols of the Italian
    Leftwing Italian Left (SI) leader Nicola Fratoianni said “the
Council of State has decided, and the followers of Bannon must
leave the splendid abbey of Trisulti, which won’t become the
school of homegrown nationalists, who will at most be able to go
to some Trump resort”. (ANSA).


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