Man tries to stab wife in front of cops

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(ANSA) – RIMINI, MAR 15 – A 36-year-old Albanian illegal
immigrant was arrested in Rimini Saturday night after trying to
stab his 30-year-old wife in front of police who had been called
in after a string of alleged domestic abuse.
    The woman phoned the police for fear he would hurt her and their
children aged four and seven.
    The man recently tried to strangle her in front of the children
and also threatened to cut her throat with a meat cleaver, she
    She also said he was violent with the kids.
    Neighbours said they could corroborate her claims.
    The woman, also of Albanian origin, said she had not called
police before for fear he might become even more violent.
    While police were escorting him out of the house he turned and
tried to stab her in the stomach after shouting, in Albanian, “I’ll burn you alive”, only to be blocked by the officers.
    The man, who does not have a criminal record but is an irregular
migrant, has been in a Rimini jail since Sunday morning.
    He has been charged with domestic violence and resisting arrest


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