ISS entry way hit by arson attack

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 15 – The entry way to the Higher Health
Institute (ISS) was hit by an apparent arson attack on Sunday
    Some unknown persons set fire to the doorway of the institute’s
Rome HQ causing slight damage, sources said Sunday night.
    Police said it may have been “the gesture of a madman” or an
attempt to intimidate the scientific body, which has been
guiding Italy through the COVID pandemic.
    The ISS received crossparty solidarity with Health Minister
Roberto Speranza saying “this was an unacceptable act of
An internal circular issued after the attack urged all staff to
take the utmost care and attention.
    ISS President Silvio Brusaferro said the ISS “is owrking to
overcome the pandemic”.
    The head of the Higher Health Council (CSS), Franco Locatelli,
said “this was an outrageously intimidatory act, absolutely
menacing and clearly unacceptable”.
    The ISS has been the object of some protests by anti-vaxxers and
anti-face.ask campaigners.
    Some business groups have also protested against Italy’s latest
lockdown amid the third wave of COVID-19. (ANSA).


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