15% of Liguria health staff have refused COVID jab – Toti

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(ANSA) – GENOA, MAR 15 – Some 15% of Liguria’s health
personnel have refused to have the COVID jab, Governor Giovanni
Toti said Monday.
    “That’s not a small number, especially if you think that they
are working in contact with fragile patients,” he said.
    Toti said on Italian radio that the northwestern region might
make the COVID vaccine compulsory for health workers.
    “Either people in certain roles are obliged to get vaccinated to
protect others that come into contact with them, or there should
be the possibility of not using them in certain roles without
there being discrimination in the workplace,” he said.
    “I think that the vaccine is a moral obligation that must be
legally introduced,” said Toti, a former spokesman for
centre-right ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi.
    He also said teachers should be obliged to get the jab. (ANSA).


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