Will keep taking strong decisions on drugs firms – Draghi

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 12 – Premier Mario Draghi said Friday
Italy has taken strong decisions on drug companies that are late
with their deliveries and would continue to do so to defend
Italians’ health.
    Speaking at a COVID vaccination hub in Rome, Draghi said the EU
had taken “clear commitments” with vaccine suppliers and “we
expect them to be respected”.
    Italy will continue to block the export of COVID-19 vaccines
from the European Union, as it did with a batch of 250,000
AstraZeneca jab shots to Australia at the end of February,
as long as there are delays in the supply chain, Foreign
Minister Luigi Di Maio said last week.
    In halting the departure of the jabs, which came from a plant
near Rome, Italy became the first EU country to use a new
European mechanism on export controls.
    The European Commission authorised the move in light of
AstraZeneca’s failure to supply the vaccines it had pledged to
deliver in Europe and the fact that Australia is not a
vulnerable country. (ANSA).


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