COVID: Most of Italy expected to be red next week

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 12 – Most of Italy is expected to be a
COVID-19 red zone next week, due to a sharp rise in contagion
and new rules the government is expected to apply on how to
classify regions in the nation’s tiered system of
coronavirus-linked restrictions.
    The government is set to make it automatic for a region with an
incidence of 250 COVID-19 cases or more in a week per 100,000
inhabitants to become a red zone.
    This could see all of Italy’s regions except for Sardinia,
Sicily, Calabria and Umbria be red next week.
    Lazio, the region around Rome, and Valle d’Aosta are reportedly
in doubt between being red or orange next week.
    Lazio Health Chief Alessio D’Amato said the region’s COVID Rt
reproduction rate was 1.3, over the 1.25 threshold, but added
that other factors, such the incidence of cases and the
proportion of intensive-care places taken up by coronavirus
patients, were not at alarm levels.
    Sources said that Health Minister Roberto Speranza told a
meeting with governors on Friday that any of Italy’s regions
that qualify as moderate-risk yellow zones will be bumped up to
orange zones, which have more stringent restrictions, during the
period of a new decree, March 15 to April 6.
    In red zones all restaurants and bars are closed, except for
takeaways and home deliveries, and all non-essential shops are
closed too.
    Pupils must have lessons via distance learning.
    In orange zones, shops can do business but restaurants and bars
must stay closed, except for takeaways and home deliveries..
    In yellow zones, shops are open and so are bars and restaurants
until 6pm.
    In low-risk white zones many of these restrictions can be
dropped and, for example, restaurants can serve food in the
    Sardinia is Italy’s only white zone at the moment. (ANSA).


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