AstraZeneca CEO probed in sailor’s death

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(ANSA) – SIRACUSA, MAR 12 – AstraZeneca Italia CEO Lorenzo
Wittum is one of four people placed under investigation as a
formality in the death of navy sub-lieutenant Stefano Paternò,
who died three days ago near Catania a day after having his
first COVID jab. The other three probed are a doctor and nurse
in the military hospital where the jab was given and an
emergency doctor.
    Astrazeneca said Friday there was no evidence of increased risk
of blood clots from the vaccine.
    In all, three people including a Sicilian police officer and a
Carbiniere have died after getting the vaccine in Italy.
    Health ministry prevention chief Gianni Rezza urged people to
avoid unjustified alarmism “because so far no causal link has
been shown” between the three deaths and the Astrazeneca batch,
which has been banned as a precaution.
    Rezza added that Italy expected the “maximum transparency” from
the drugs firm. (ANSA).


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