Russian ambassador ‘disconcerted’ by Sputnik accusations

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 11 – Russia’s Ambassador to Rome Sergey
Razov said Thursday that he was disconcerted by the accusations
that have been directed at Moscow after the news that an
agreement had been reached for the Russian Sputnik V vaccine to
be produced in Italy.
    “The interpretations that have appeared in some Italian media
organs about a sort of diplomatic-propaganda offensive to
introduce the Russian vaccine and even (talk of) vaccine
colonization (of Europe) are frankly disconcerting,” Razov told
ANSA in an exclusive interview.
    “Russia does not intend to impose Sputnik on anyone.
    “Cultivating phobias, including Rossiphobia, is not very
    Razov said the Russian embassy in Rome had not been involved in
the negotiation between Adienne and the Russian Direct
Investment Fund (RDIF) to produce Sputnik in Italy
Razov said that the EU’s policy towards Moscow was being held “hostage” by a “well known and small group of countries”.
    “We see that the principle political parties in Italy, which we
are bonded to by traditional relations of friendship, agree on
the importance of normalizing and improving relations between
Russia and the EU,” he added.
    “We paid attention to the words uttered by Premier (Mario)
Draghi in his speech in the Senate about the importance of
strengthening mechanisms of dialogue with our country”. (ANSA).


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