Paparazzi king Corona sent back to jail

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 11 – Italy’s former paparazzi king and
media personality Fabrizio Corona was sent back to jail Thursday
after a period receiving therapy on parole under house arrest
after a series of trials for blackmailing VIPs.
    The Catania-born former VIP photographer, 46, cut his wrists
immediately upon hearing the ruling from surveillance court
    He was taken to hospital.
    Corona threatened to kill himself if the judges did not reverse
their decision.
    “You have created a monster,” he said in a video message to the
    Corona first returned to jail in March 2019 after a series of
parole violations.
    The ex-paparazzi was punished for saying on TV show Celebrity
Island that the wife of singer Riccardo Fogli allegedly cheated
on her husband, former lead singer for supergroup Pooh.
    In February 2019 Corona was ordered to leave his home in Milan.
    The home was seized from him a year previously by the Milan
    The ‘eviction’ notice was listed in the official deeds
of the surveillance court, which upheld a therapeutic sentence
for Corona with his official residence in the home.
    In January 2018 a Milan prosecutor asked a seized-assets
board to confiscate Corona’s home but give him back 1.8 million
    The flat is in Via de Cristoforis, a stone’s throw from
Corso Como, the heart of the Milanese night scene.
    Corona has pled for the house to be left to him so he can
sell it and raise some of the money he still owes.
    The 1.8 million is part of 2.6 million euros seized from the
former glamour photographer.
    Corona was the central figure in a series of investigations into
the 2007 extortion scandal known as Vallettopoli, which involved
many celebrities in the entertainment business and sports.
    He was arrested and spent 77 days in prison; however, on 29 May
2007, he was released but placed under house arrest.
    He wrote a book, La mia Prigione (My Prison), about his
experiences as a result of the Vallettopoli scandal which
received much attention from the Italian media.
    Also, in 2009, he was charged over blackmail photos.
    In 2013 he was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment, became a
fugitive but finally gave himself up after four days.
    Corona has also been in the limelight for his celebrity
girlfriends, most notably actress Nina Moric and showgirl Belen
Rodriguez. (ANSA).


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