Mattarella honours 28 young people for COVID heroism

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 11 – President Sergio Mattarella on
Thursday honoured 28 young people for their civic bravery last
year, naming them “Ensigns of the Republic”.
    The 28 “distinguished themselves for their commitment and their
brave and solidarity-based actions, and they represent, through
their bearing witness, the future and hope in a year that will
go down in history for the tragic events linked to the
pandemic,” the presidential Quirinal Palace said.
    Among the new ensigns are a 14-year-old writer from Marche,
Riccardo Amicuzi; a nine-year-old girl from Bergamo who sent a
book daily to her classmates, Silvia Artuso; a 14-year-old
Genoese boy, Diego Barbieri, who conveyed a love of
mountaineering despite an accident that left him lame at a young
age; an 18-year-old Rovigo boy, Niccolò Brizzolari, who worked
to help the elderly and save the environment; a 16-year-old
Trapani girl, Maria Piera Calandra, who worked as a volunteer
during the health emergency; and an 18-year-old Catanzaro boy,
Giulio Carchidi, who also worked “tirelessely” during the
epidemic lockdown. (ANSA).


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