Boschi reports stalker

(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 11 – Centrist Italia Viva (IV) heavyweight
and former minister Maria Elena Boschi has reported an alleged
stalker she said wrote “all sorts of things to me for months”
and then actually turned up at the Lower House and also in her
native Tuscany.
    Former cabinet secretary and minister for relations with
parliament Boschi, 40, told Roman daily Il Messaggero Thursday
that the mean “wrote to me every day, all kinds of things, even
several times a day, via email.
    “Then he presented himself physically at the Chamber of Deputies
and also in Tuscany”.
    Boschi told Corriere della Sera and QN, a regional daily, that
women should always report such cases.
    “If you report it you complicate your life, there’s no denying
it. But if you don’t report it life gets even more complicated.
    “So report, report, report. The State is your friend.
    “Hate and envy are devastating elements of the social culture of
our time. Being a women exposes you more because complete
(gender) parity has still not been accepted”.
    Boschi has received crossparty solidarity in the case. (ANSA).


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