Pregnant volleyball player cited for breach of contract

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 10 – An Italian volleyball player was
cited by her club for breach of contract after getting pregnant.
    Lara Lugli, 39, was sued for damages by Serie B side Pordenone
after she got pregnant in March 2019.
    The club argued she had broken conditions she had agreed to in
her contract, namely not the get pregnant.
    Lugli, who had a miscarriage shortly after taking time off from
the team, is counter-suing, arguing that the club has caused her
emotional damage.
    The case has sparked an outcry, especially among women’s rights
groups and female politicians.
    Senate Speaker Elisabetta Casellati on Wednesday called the case “violence against women”.
    She said “motherhood has an irreplaceable personal and social
value”. (ANSA).


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