Man, 82, donates kidney to save son in record case

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(ANSA) – TURIN, MAR 10 – In a record for Italy, an
82-year-old man donated a kidney and saved the life of his
53-year-old son in a Turin hospital on Wednesday,
It was the oldest living donation in Italy.
    The groundbreaking operation took place at Turin’s Molinette
    The new kidney has enabled the son to avoid dialysis.
    The man is suffering from glomerulonephritis, a kidney condition
that can permanently damage the organ or compromise its
    “Transplants from living donors are rising in Italy too,” said
Molinette nephrology chief Luigi Biancone.
    “There is no limit on the age of the donor, but the age must be
weighed in conjunction with the clinical, morphological and functional data which may indicate a lower biological age”.
    The donor told ANSA that he had done “nothing special.
    “I didn’t do anything exceptional, it’s more than normal for a
father to do what he can to improve his son’s life. I was well
beforehand and I’m well now, afterwards. My son, who had got to
the verge of dialysis, is now as fit as a fiddle”.
    He said his son had been on a stringent diet and subjected to
regular controls that badly affected his life for the last 12
years, and that his renal insufficiency was only destined to get
    He said he had been thinking of gibing him a kidney for some
time and had “only been awaiting the doctors’ OK”. (ANSA).


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