Draghi signs civil service reform ‘pact’

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 10 – Premier Mario Draghi on Wednesday
signed a ‘pact’ for the innovation of the civil service and
social cohesion with Italy’s trade unions.
    The premier and former European central banker stressed how
important dialogue with the unions was to him.
    “During the course of the talks I have had the opportunity to
express to you how much I care about these talks and this
dialogue,” he told the leaders of CGIL, CISL and UIL, the big
three union federations.
    Draghi said the pact marked the start of investing in new blood
and reform in the civil service, which has been requested by the
European Union as a condition for receiving COVID recovery
    “The pandemic and the recovery plan require new professionalism
and new forms of work,” he said.
    “New professionalism requires investment and new rules.
    “That is what we are beginning today”.
    Draghi, credited with saving the euro during his stint at the
Euroepan Central Bank, has vowed to achieve long-called-for
civil service reforms to cut business-stifling red tape.
    He has also pledged to speed up Italy’s notoriously slow civil
justice system, another big drag on foreign investment.
    “There is a lot to be done,” ‘Super Mario’ said at the pact
signing, adding that reforms would also target the average age
and staff training in the service.
    Civil Service Minister Renato Brunetta also hailed the pact as “a breakthrough”.
    Brunetta convened the unions to talks Friday to begin
discussions about how to implement the pact. (ANSA).


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