Top court upholds 30 yrs for murderer in emotional storm row

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 9 – An Italian man’s 30-year sentence for
strangling his Moldovan ex was upheld by the supreme Court of
Cassation Tuesday after the top court struck down a
controversial reduction of the term to 16 years because he had
been hit by an “overpowering emotional storm”.
    Michele Castaldo was again, and definitively, found guilty of
murdering shop assistant Olga Matei, with whom he had a
one-month-long relationship, in Riccione in 2016.
    The case was closely followed after the controversy unleashed by
the “emotional storm” sentence reduction ruling, which was
voided by the Cassation Court.
    The Cassation ordered a new appeals trial, whose verdict has now
been confirmed. (ANSA).


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