Sophia Loren to get Oscar Academy’s 1st Visionary Award

(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 9 – Italian film legend Sopha Loren is to
get the Oscar Academy’s first ‘Visionary Award’ “honoring an
artist or scholar whose extensive body of work has advanced the
art of cinema” at the opening of the long-delayed Academy Museum
of Motion Pictures on September 25, the body announced Monday.
    The award to the 86-year-old screen diva comes 60 years after
her Oscar for Two Women in 1961, and 30 years after her career
achievement Oscar in 1991.
    And it also comes amid renewed buzz about a possible Oscar nod
for Loren’s performance as a former prostitute, Madam Rosa, who
befriends a young black migrant in her son Edoardo Ponti’s The
Life Ahead.
    The nominations will be announced on Monday. (ANSA).


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