Murderer gets 30 years on appeal

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(ANSA) – PALERMO, MAR 9 – A 36-year-old Sicilian man who
confessed to murdering a 25-year-old woman friend in March 2019
on Tuesday saw his 30 year jail term upheld on appeal.
    A Marsala court again gave Carmelo Bonetta the same prison term
as the court of first instance in the murder of Nicoletta
Indelicato, who was killed with 12 stab wounds and then
partially burned on the night of March 16-17 two years ago.
    Last month a Trapani court gave Margareta Buffa, 31, a life term
for complicity in the murder of her friend.
    Like the victim, she is of Romanian origin. They were both
adopted by Marsala families as children.
    The motive for the crime has never been fully established.


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