Economy could pick up in coming months – ISTAT

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 9 – ISTAT said Tuesday that there are
signs the Italian economy will pick up in the coming months.
    “In the fourth quarter (of 2020), the drop in economic activity
has been related to a reduction of hours worked but firm’s
expectations on employment have showed positive signals over the
last month,” the national statistics agency said in its monthly
report on the Italian economy.
    “In February, inflation increased further thanks to the
mitigation of the energy deflationary trend and a generalised
increase in core inflation.
    “The latest data on confidence improved in February.
    “The increase in business confidence was larger than that of
consumers and was broad based”.
    The OECD said Tuesday that it expects Italy’s GDP to increase by
4.1% this year. The Paris-based organization forecast that the
Italian economy will grow by 4% in 2022. (ANSA).


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