22 probed for hospital contract rigging in Catanzaro

(ANSA) – CATANZARO, MAR 9 – Some 22 people have been placed
under investigation in a probe into the alleged rigging of
contacts to supply goods and services to hospitals in the
Calabrian city of Catanzaro, sources said Tuesday. Those under
investigation are suspected of corruption, bid rigging and
impeding the free choice of contractors, police said.
    Searches have been carried out in two hospitals, the “Pugliese-Ciaccio” and the “Mater Domini”, as well as at the “Magna Graecia” University in Cosenza and the local health
agency there, and at private companies and the homes of those
under investigation.
    The case regards the supply of health equipment including
imaging machines and nuclear medicine systems, as well as
laboratory services and recruitment of staff, police said.
    Further investigations are being carried out on several
pharmaceutical and medical companies, including some
multinationals, operating in Italy.
    Tuesday’s operation deployed some 130 police officers led by
financial cops from Catanzaro, supported by local officers in
Asti, Milan, Caserta, Naples and Reggio Calabria. (ANSA).


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