White-zone Sardinia starts testing arrivals

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 8 – Sardinia, which last week became Italy’s first low-contagion-risk ‘white zone’, started testing new arrivals for COVID-19 on Monday.
    Being a white zone makes it was possible to drop many of the coronavirus restrictions in force in the rest of the country and the aim of Governor Christian Solinas’s order to test people as soon as they arrive is to keep the region’s contagion levels low.
    The first people to get tested upon arrival were around 600 passengers arriving on three ships in the port of OIbia early no Monday, two from Livorno and one from Civitavecchia.
    If the result of the rapid test is negative, the new arrivals can continue their journeys.
    If it is positive, the relative health protocols kick in.


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