Ilenia Fabbri hitman confesses

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(ANSA) – RAVENNA, MAR 8 – A hitman commissioned to kill a
woman in Faenza near Ravenna last month by her ex-husband who
was tired of paying alimony on Monday confessed to murdering the
    Ilenia Fabbri, 46, was murdered in her apartment by 53-year-old
Pierluigi ‘The Gypsy’ Barbieri on February 6, he confessed on
    Fabbri’s former husband, 54-year-old mechanic Claudio Nanni,
ordered her killed out of “profound resentment” at the economic
demands made by the victim after the couple separated in 2018,
police say.
    Fabbri was found with her throat cut.
    A prosecutor said last week that Nanni “fought against her for
years in order to annihilate her personally and economically, to
get her back and keep ‘what is mine’, according to his
perspective, but which was not his”.
    Fabbri is one of twelve women who have fallen victims to
femicide by their partners or exes in the first two months of
this year in Italy, President Sergio Mattarella said on
International Women’s Day Monday. (ANSA).


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