COVID: Way out not far off with vaccine speed-up – Draghi

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 8 – Premier Mario Draghi said Monday that “the (COVID) pandemic is not beaten but we can glimpse, with the
acceleration of the vaccine plan, a way out that is not far
    In a videomessage to a conference titled “Towards a National
Strategy on Gender parity”, Draghi said the pandemic was
worsening and called on “everyone” to play their part, starting
with the government.
    “The executive must do more with each passing day,” he said.
    Draghi called for “well thought out but rapid choices”.
    He said nothing must be left untried, and the government should “multiply its efforts, since every life counts”.
    On vaccines, Draghi stressed the importance of everyone waiting
their turn, “with the fragile and at-risk categories coming
    He said “now is not the time to divide ourselves, but to give
answers”. (ANSA).


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