COVID: Distance learning for around 5.7mn pupils in Italy (2)

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 8 – Around two-thirds of Italy’s school
pupils, some 5.7 million students, were having class via
distance learning on Monday after a new package of COVID-19
containment measures came into force.
    The government has decided that all schools in
high-contagion-risk red zones must stop giving lessons on site,
while regions that are not red have the option to do the same in
specific areas where COVID rates are high.
    It is feared that as many as nine in 10 Italian pupils will be
on distance learning shortly, with more regions in danger of
being classed as red zones with contagion on the up.
    Family Minister Elena Bonetti told Radio Capital on Monday that
a “retroactive measure” has been inserted into a new decree
featuring COVID aid to help parents cope with having children at
home rather than in school.
    She said this included paid leave of up to 50% of full pay, the
right to work from home and vouchers to pay for babysitters for
the self-employed.
    The decision to close schools was not an easy one, Education
Minister Patrizio Bianchi said, but stressed that it had to be
done, particularly because of the way the British variant was “hitting the youngest ones”. (ANSA).


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