Carer dies in fire after saving elderly employers

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(ANSA) – SALERNO, MAR 8 – A 57-year-old Bulgarian woman carer
died in a house fire near Salerno Monday after saving the
elderly couple who employed her, police said.
    The woman went back into the house at Battipaglia after carrying
the couple out and succumbed to the flames and fumes, they said.
    She died in an attempt to save some of their belongings.
    The couple, aged 86 and 88, have been taken to hospital where
their condition is said to be “not concerning”, according to
medical sources.
    Police said the fire broke out because of a malfunctioning gas
fire which the couple had turned on in their bedroom.
    It was sparked by something that came into contact with the gas
fire, they said.
    The home was almost completely destroyed in the fire.
    The carer’s boy is being examined by a medical examiner. (ANSA).


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