Zingaretti ‘won’t reverse decision to quit’ as PD leader

(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 5 – Lazio Governor Nicola Zingaretti said
on Friday that he does not intend to reconsider his shock
decision to quit as the leader of Italy’s centre-left Democratic
Party (PD).
    Zingaretti complained of an “unending stream” of criticism from
within the party.as he announced his resignation on Thursday.
    “I’m ashamed that in the PD, which I lead, they’ve only been
talking about posts and primaries for 20 days,” he said.
    Many PD bigwigs have been calling on Zingaretti to reconsider
the surprise decision.
    The PD’s assembly must ratify the move on March 13-14 and there
has been talk of it rejecting the resignation.
    But Zingaretti said Friday that a rejection of his resignation
was not contemplated by the party rules, adding that “a
reconsideration is not an issue and it will not happen”. (ANSA).


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