Stop comparing me to mum when I have more medals – Iapichino (2)

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 4 – Italian long jump sensation Larissa
Iapichino said Thursday she dies not expect the comparisons with
her mother, twice world champion Fiona May, to stop any time
    “I think the comparisons will stop when I have won more medals
than her,” the 18-year-old told a video-conference before her
debut with the national team at the European Athletics Indoor
    Iapichino holds the world lead with her recent jump of 6.91
metres in Ancona.
    But she played down the high expectations of her.
    “There has been a lot of talk about me but I feel the same as
before,” she said.
    “I’m still a child in many ways. I’m only 18.
    “I’m here to get experience”.
    To surpass her mum, Iapichino will have to do better than two
Olympic silver medals and four world championship medals,
including two golds.
    Larissa is the daughter of May and her husband, former pole
vaulter Gianni Iapichino, who manages his daughter.
    The couple have another, younger daughter, Anastasia. (ANSA).


Stop comparing me to mum when I have more medals – Iapichino

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