Record drop in emissions last yr, 40% fall since 2005-ENEA

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 4 – Last year saw a record 12% drop in CO2
emissions, environmental agency ENEA said Thursday.
    Emissions of carbon dioxide were 40% down on 2005 levels, it
    There was also a record fall in energy consumption of 10% in
2020, ENEA said – the biggest in 76 years.
    The falls were linked for 30% to ‘virtuous’ factors like the
reduction of energy intensity and the lower use of
carbon-intensive fossil fuels, and for 70% to the unprecedented
drop in GDP due to COVID-19, the agency said.
    The record fall in energy consumption is the largest since the
end of the Second World War, ENEA said.
    It was 60% due to a fall in oil consumption, it said. (ANSA).


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