Not everyone will have longer school year – minister

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 4 – Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi on
Thursday dismissed talk of the current school year being
extended for all pupils to make up for lessons lost due to
COVID-19 measures.
    It has been estimated that up to six million pupils will be
having class via distance learning from Monday after the
government decided all schools in high-contagion-risk red zones
must stop giving lessons on site, while regions that are not red
will have the option to do the same in specific areas where
COVID rates are high.
    “It is necessary to start having support paths for individuals,
not with everyone sat at their desk until June 30, but
individual paths,” Bianchi told RAI radio.
    “The teachers are present at the schools until June 30 for all
school activities.
    “We are still only in March.
    “There is time to verify if teaching has been lost.
    “The teachers are already doing this”.
    The school year usually ends for Italian pupils early in June.


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