Cosa Nostra killer Freddy Gallina extradited from US

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 4 – Cosa Nostra killer ‘Freddy’ Gallina
was extradited to Italy from the United States on Thursday.
    Gallina, whose real first name is Ferdinando, is wanted for
three murders aggravated by mafia means.
    The 43-year-old is coming back to Italy after a five-year fight
to obtain his extradition from the US.
    Gallina is a ‘man of honour’ of the Carini clan.
    He is believed to have been the right hand man for western
Sicily, particularly the province of Palermo, of jailed
superboss Salvatore Lo Piccolo.
    The hitman allegedly carried out the murders of Francesco
Giambanco in Carini in December 2000; Giampiero Tocco, who was
abducted and never seen again by people weraing police uniforms
while in a car with his daughter in October 2000 at Terrasini;
and Felice Orlando, who was killed in Palermo in October 1999.
    Gallina was arrested in 2008 on multiple mafia charges and went
on the run in January 2016.
    Italy first applied for his extradition from the US a year
later. (ANSA).


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